The Office of Justice and Safety (OJS) was created to work collaboratively with Commissioners Court and criminal justice stakeholders to help them fulfill the vision for the County, specifically by advancing innovative approaches to justice that are consistent with the Harris County Justice and Safety Goal to promote safe, healthy, thriving communities through restorative and evidence-based strategies that foster public trust, prevent violence and trauma, reduce racial and economic disparities, and minimize criminal justice system exposure where at all possible.


To facilitate meaningful improvements in the Harris County justice systems that ensure equity, safety, transparency, the use of best practices, and accountability so that Harris County residents can live in safe, healthy, and thriving communities.


All Harris County residents live in vibrant, safe, healthy, and thriving communities through the advancement of innovative justice solutions.

Department Presentation


  • Equity
  • Transparency
  • Solutions based on best practices 
  • Safety
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Independent research
  • Collective impact

Our Approach

  • Collect and analyze data to identify system trends, evaluate comparative best practices, and recommend policy solutions to County officials and departments.
  • Manages the implementation of the ODonnell Consent Decree and required criminal justice policy and process changes to promote ongoing compliance and successful adherence to consent decree deadlines. Interfaces with County agencies and departments for consent decree-related deliverables and provide coordination support on related criminal justice initiatives.
  • Collaborate with Harris County justice agencies and community stakeholders to evaluate existing programs and new opportunities and make recommendations to promote best practices, efficiencies, and improvements throughout the system.
  • Provide analytical, technical, policy, and research support to the Office of the County Administrator, Deputy County Administrator of Justice and Safety, members of Commissioners Court, and the Office of Management and Budget, and support existing technical, research, and policy staff for Harris County justice agencies.
  • Be a resource to the community and all Harris County criminal and youth justice stakeholders while elevating the voices of those most impacted by these systems.
  • Strive to establish trust, build consensus, form meaningful partnerships, and promote transparency while educating stakeholders on justice solutions grounded in evidence-based practices and prioritizing high-impact recommendations that will benefit Harris County residents.
  • Provide staff support to the Deputy County Administrator of Justice and Safety, as well as the Harris County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) and its committees (including facilitating CJCC meeting and managing the MacArthur Safety + Justice Challenge grant).