Jail Population Statistics

Harris County Jail Population data and statistics

Traffic Stop Demographics Dashboard

Various metrics of the different outcomes and possibilities during a traffic stop.

The Court Appointments Dashboard

Private Attorney and Public Defender's Office (PDO) attorney appointment counts for cases by court.

Harris County Indigent Defense Dashboard

Payments and caseload data for private attorneys who were appointed to case(s) in Harris County.

Index-Crimes Dashboard

Trends and Comparisons of Index-Crimes in Harris County, Counties in Texas and Counties in the US

Harris County Bail Dashboard

Harris County Bail Statistics by various Dimensions.

ODonnell Public Dashboard

Data Platform for ODonnell Consent Decree [Section 89].

U Visa Dashboard

Trends with U visa certifications processed by Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Tablero de la visa U

Tendencias con las certificaciones de visa U procesadas por la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Harris.